“Turn to me with all your heart, with fasting, with weeping, and with mourning.” (Joel 2:12)
St. Mary & St. Athanasius Coptic Orthodox Church
Reaching out to Somerset and Hunterdon Counties in NJ


Liturgy tomorrow, Friday, November 27th is cancelled. God bless you.



The church is establishing a Library and Computer Center to further assist in Christian Education. The team is calling on everyone to see if they have any books they wish to donate to this significant effort! Please package your books in open boxes marked ‘New Library’. Do not leave them anywhere but must be handed […]

Church Services

Agape’ Meal

Please join us for an Agape’ meal downstairs in the hall, for a time of fellowship and bonding.

Text Messaging System

We have a text messaging system for the church in order to relay emergency notification or changes that may occur on short notice. Please register for this system below as soon as possible. Twitter will continue to be a source of notification for the church as well.

Weekly Meetings

Aside from the Youth Group meetings and Religion Classes (Sunday School), please be aware that the church provides weekly meetings for specific groups, which bring benefit by focusing on their particular needs. • Family Ministry (English): Discusses issues of the FAMILY such as: husband and wife matters, raising children, family life, awareness of social issues […]

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Why Give Online?

It’s a personal preference, but here are a few of the benefits we hear frequently:
• It’s a step of faith…deciding in advance to give faithfully.
• It helps simplify life.
• It allows you to give consistently…even when you’re not at church.
• It allows you to focus on the service when you’re at church.

Upcoming Events


Senior Youth Spiritual Day

The Senior Youth (college & graduates) will be having a Spiritual Day on Sunday November 29th at the Princeton Seminary Library in Princeton, NJ. They will be leaving church around 11:30 AM following Liturgy and returning around 8:00 PM. For more information, please contact Mark Elghazaly.


Youth Hymn Seminar

There will be a hymn seminar on Saturday, January 16th for the Friday Hymns Classes classes (7th-12th Grade, College, and Graduate). The theme of the seminar will be The Great Fast The seminar will be a combination of hymn classes and lectures. We encourage everyone to attend and take the blessing of this day. For questions or more information please contact any of the church hymn teachers.

Church Etiquette and Instructions

Attending Liturgy Early

Please be attentive to the Church’s teaching on attending Liturgy early and partaking of the Holy Eucharist.

Parking Lot

Please be mindful of all the posted signs Please note that when leaving out of the driveway, we must make a right turn only on US Hwy. 206. Within the driveway, it’s one way only when going around the church.

Swing Set Outside

The swing set that is outside of the church is not ours, please be watchful of your children to make sure that they don’t use it.

Clothing/Attire of Ladies, Gentlemen & Children

Please be mindful of the Church’s teaching on proper clothing to be worn in a church, especially on the day of the Lord, Sunday. • General Rule: More Fabric=More Respect; Less Fabric=Less Respect • Children are to follow SAME dress code as the adults as a process of learning & training • Gentlemen – No […]